Solutions that drive growth and development and increase the talent potential of individuals, teams and organizations.

Learning and Development

Learning and organizational development that empowers employees’ growth and developing their knowledge, skills, and capabilities and increases the effectiveness of functions and organizations.

  • Identifies learning gaps and priorities that align with and help drive achieving organizational goals and strategies.
  • Defines key learning objectives which describe and drive desired behavioral/skill change.
  • Determines the most effective learning methodology and delivery type for the topic and target audience (formal learning, experience, and exposure)
  • Incorporates the 70-20-10 learning model focused on Learning, Application and Ongoing Coaching/Feedback.
  • Delivers dynamic training and facilitation that creates positive, engaging, and safe learning environments.
  • Experience facilitating group discussions, workshops, training, focus groups etc. on a large variety of topics for all job roles and levels.
  • Utilize a variety of virtual and in-person learning platforms and tools.
  • Utilizing the Kirkpatrick four levels framework we create a process and tools that measure long and short-term effectiveness of learning and changes in behavior and skills.