Solutions that drive growth and development and increase the talent potential of individuals, teams and organizations.

Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness that embodies a set of tools and processes that help organizations assess how effective they are at achieving outcomes and solutions that drive towards successfully achieving their desired future state.

  • Administers interactive tools and facilitates workshops designed to increase team effectiveness by building relationships, understanding, and appreciating different styles, driving toward a common set of strategies, goals and objectives.
  • Focus on standing up new teams and diagnosing challenges on existing teams

  • Increases self-awareness by deploying a variety of assessment tools designed to meet individual development needs. Provides 1:1 coaching and feedback to focusing on how to leverage your strengths and take action on development opportunities.

  • Assists organizations with improving job performance through training and non-training solutions utilizing the Human Performance Improvement process (HPI).
  • The HPI process highlights business goals/objectives, links goals/objectives to human performance, assesses current level of performance, determines root causes for performance barriers, selects and implements solutions, and evaluates outcomes.

  • Identifies core, common and critical competencies (skills/behaviors) required to successfully meet and exceed performance expectations within a specific job role, function or across the organization. This process allows you to identify the targeted level of proficiency and assess current level of maturity.

  • Provides consultation and coaching on how to navigate and manage organization change. Assesses readiness for change and establishes a customized change management plan and methodology.

  • Establishes a future state vision and 3–5-year strategy. Discussions include identifying gaps or barriers to reaching the vision, formulating strategic directions to remove the barriers and 1–2-year action plan.